Why Third Street

The Community

Nestled inside the larger Third Street Music School, Third Street Preschool is a very special and particular community. It is downtown, diverse, and committed to furthering the many ways that children grow and develop. In each classroom, experienced teachers provide warmth and security as children find their places within the classroom community.

The Arts

Third Street Preschool reflects the life of its host school. We are linked not only in our appreciation for the arts, but in our interest in neighborhood outreach. Preschoolers enjoy gardening and nature walks, neighborhood studies and project-based learning. Preschool families enjoy free concerts and family events.

The Importance of Play

Teachers understand that, through play, children learn, both through their interactions with materials, and with and from each other. Young children love to play; their teachers know that joyful preschool experiences form the foundation for future inquiry and learning.

Experiential Learning

We respect young children’s eagerness to experiment first hand, something John Dewey refers to as “learning by doing.” Whether they are visiting our garden, constructing a block tower, mixing a new color or responding to a story, children interact with their environment, using it as a springboard for critical thinking and creative expression.

Our Neighborhood

Carefully planned neighborhood studies spark new connections for preschoolers. Children sketch art installations and learn how bagels are made, they observe a construction site, and visit the post office, then they return to the classroom to reflect on what they have seen.

Respect for Diversity

A diverse student body is both a privilege and a responsibility. Children at Third Street are encouraged to be good, kind friends, to consider the feelings of their classmates, and to acknowledge and embrace difference. Parents help us by extending and maintaining these values in their homes.