Admissions FAQs


Why choose Third Street?

Children at Third Street Preschool enjoy many musical opportunities during their school experience. With Third Street Music School as its home, the preschool integrates music, movement, and instrument introductions within an active, progressive curriculum. Regular participation in the arts sparks children’s imaginations and informs their intellectual growth.

At Third Street, we respect young children’s eagerness to experiment, play and connect with classmates in gratifying ways. Experienced teachers provide warmth and security as children find their places within the classroom community. Whether investigating our Children’s Garden at St. Marks, constructing a sturdy block building, mixing a new color or responding to a story, children use their environment as a springboard for critical thinking and creative expression.

The Preschool’s progressive philosophy respects both the individual learner and the community. Children learn to consider the feelings of their classmates. Parents help us maintain those values that define us, such as a respect for diversity, a love of the arts and a generosity toward one another. As members of the Third Street Music School community, preschool families enjoy free concerts and family events.   

At Third Street, we believe that school readiness is shaped by joyful preschool participation.

Does Third Street Preschool have a sibling policy?

Third Street is a family school. We welcome siblings in advance of new applicants through ISAAGNY’s Legacy Notification process. This early notification allows families to enroll younger siblings in advance of standard admissions dates.

What ongoing schools do Third Street graduates attend?

The diversity that enriches this community is reflected in the range of school choices made by Third Street Preschool families. Over half of our children attend one of New York’s excellent independent schools; a slightly smaller number attend public schools including Gifted and Talented programs. Families receive expert counseling and individual support while engaging in the process.

What is most important is that children leave Third Street Preschool eager to learn and excited for what comes next.

What does it mean if our family is placed on a Wait List?

Our responsibility to all families is to ensure a high teacher/child ratio along with a safe and secure class size. As a result, we extend Enrollment Acceptances cautiously. Families who receive a Wait List notification should know that we are eager to accept their child, and will do so if numbers allow. Third Street’s Wait List is an active one. We contact families as soon as spots become available.

Does Third Street offer Tuition Assistance?

Tuition assistance is available and can be requested through SSS School for Student Services. This link can also be found on our application. Families who request aid should indicate this on their application, and are then exempt from the initial Registration Fee.

With which organizations is Third Street affiliated?

Third Street Preschool is proud of its membership and participation in:

The Parents League
Independent School Admissions Association of Greater New York (ISAAGNY)
Downtown Early Childhood Association (DECA)
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)