Full-Day Fours


FOURS – 4-4.5 years

Activities such as block building, neighborhood trips, gardening, and cooking ignite children’s interests along with meeting discussions, emerging literacy, measurement, and integrated math challenges. Preschoolers enjoy in-school instrument lessons through the Preschool Instrument Program and parents receive expert support as they look ahead to kindergarten.

Monday through Friday9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. 

Tuition $28,950

A Day In The Life

The Full-Day Fours focus intently on the business of learning. Logical thinking, organization, prediction and problem solving now play larger roles, as does responsibility. Children “sign in” as they arrive, then independently consult the day’s schedule and job chart. Through group activities such as building and cooking, Fours investigate number relationships, sequencing, symmetry, and the fundamentals of emerging literacy. They build important friendships, enjoy quality literature and share in robust outdoor play. Creative opportunities, such as music, gardening, art and optional instrument lessons add to their week.

During carefully planned neighborhood studies children learn about their world. They visit a nearby post office, bookstore, and restaurant to learn what it takes to provide the services they do. They interview chefs, managers and clerks, then reflect together on what they’ve discovered. Often this reflection leads to the creation of their own model bakery, bookstore or pizzeria which they proudly open to the school.

As they transition to kindergarten, children leave Third Street Preschool confident in their ability to make meaning of their experiences and eager for new friendships and new challenges.

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