TODDLER TOTS 12-18 months

Join your 12 – 18-month-old in this small group time designed just for them. Parent/child activities highlight children’s developmental milestones and include push/pull play, starter art, music, story times and sensory experiences. Toddler Tots promotes strength and confidence through gross motor play, music, dance and social bonding.


Due to Covid-19, all Toddler classes have been deferred until January 2021.

Friday I 9:15 – 10:00 a.m. I  32 Weeks  

Friday I 10:15 – 11:00 a.m. I 32 Weeks  

Tuition $1,880

A Day In The Life

It is possible that the Tots have more delicious fun than anyone else in Third Street Preschool. Every moment is a discovery, an achievement, a happy surprise! In their classroom, they push, they pull, they stack, they fill.  And they laugh to musical play and games. When their teacher sings, children accompany her with shakers, scarves and small hand drums. They “shake and shake and stop!” over and over again!

Once a week, Tots share 45 minutes of busy activity and curious exploration.  After a while, they begin to recognize and enjoy each other as well, while their parents forge friendships that often last throughout the preschool years.

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