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While our building is closed to safeguard the health and well-being of our families, we are proud to provide your preschool classes virtually!

Third Street Preschool is built around children’s natural love of learning. Teachers encourage them to explore, imagine and reflect, acknowledging each child’s feelings with care and understanding. Preschoolers engage in concrete experiences such as painting, block building, and dramatic play. Their work is collaborative and experiential, and sparks children’s intellectual and creative curiosity. As their confidence grows, children enjoy an emerging sense of independence and a deepening respect for one another.

Music is an everyday experience here. Children hear it in the hallways, sing it in their classrooms and respond to its rhythms with their bodies. Enrichment includes: instrument intros, movement and music classes, sing-alongs, and small-group keyboard lessons.

Progressive Approach

Our progressive program is founded on a deep understanding of child development.  It is on this understanding that teachers shape curriculum and design classroom experiences.
We know that:

  • young children learn through concrete experiences and imaginative play
  • young children benefit from firsthand engagement with the arts and the world around them
  • young children thrive in an atmosphere of trust, warmth and good humor

Through concrete exploration, play with each other, and engagement in the arts, preschoolers develop new interests, new friends, and new skills. We know that young children are busy learners.  As they sing, move, build, pretend, cook, paint, pattern, organize, write, and draw, they learn about themselves and their world. With their teacher’s guidance, preschoolers enjoy an emerging sense of competence, independence, and respect for one another.


Third Street infuses music into many aspects of the preschool experience, including sing-alongs, music and movement classes, instrument explorations and lessons, and classroom meetings.  Because…

  • when children sing, they listen closely to learn new lyrics and rhymes; they internalize phrasing, predict refrains, and mentally organize rhythmic patterns.
  • when children sing with their classmates, they become a community.
  • when children sing, they move, for there is very little music in early childhood without expressive movement.

Early musical engagement can both spark creative expression and support academic inquiry and is a foundational experience that goes hand in hand with children’s early development. There is, in fact, a clear correlation between early musical training and children’s ability to organize their thoughts, sequence activities and process new information.

You can read more about music’s impact on children, including references for the research noted above, here, in the article When Children Sing by our Preschool Director, Elaine Winter

A School Within A School

Third Street Preschool is part of the Third Street Music School. Find out more about our programs, events, and lessons